Traditional and Service-Oriented Gas Station

Shall we go to Rämä for fueling?
Gas Station Services in Kotka Since 1964

Risto Rämä’s gas station, over fifty years old, is traditional and traditionally service-oriented, located in Kotka’s Jylpy area, just a couple of minutes from the E18 motorway towards Kotka.

Here you can fuel up with gasoline, diesel, or heating oil. Pay for your fuel at the pump or inside at the cashier. We offer businesses the opportunity to make purchases on account.

Gas Station for LPG, Snacks, Car Accessories, and Fishing Licenses

Our gas station shop has a good selection of car accessories, from wiper blades to road maps, and various oils and chemicals related to car care and maintenance. Our staff is happy to help you with small car-related issues and can even fill up your windshield washer fluid and add engine oil for you – just ask, and we’ll help!

We also offer LPG in different sized cylinders – a great reason to stop by on your way to the cottage and grab some Saturday treats, windshield washer fluid, and maybe a sandwich from the café. Oh, and don’t forget the small-engine gasoline for your lawnmower and other machinery!

Fishing licenses for Kotka’s Landbo sea areas are available from us. For Kymijoki River, you can purchase licenses online.

Gas Station / Shop

Jylpyntie 39, Kotka
Phone: 05 218 0000


Mon-Fri 6.30-17.00
Sat-Sun closed

Heating Oil, Orders and Price Inquiries

During gas station opening hours:
Phone: 05 218 0000

24/7: or
via the form here (in Finnish) »

Heating Oil – Sales and Distribution from Risto Rämä Promptly

We sell and distribute heating oil to homes and businesses in the Pyhtää, Kotka, and Hamina areas. We serve promptly – often able to deliver the oil on the same or the next day after ordering.

Before your oil boiler runs out, give us a call, and our friendly drivers will come to fill your tank! You can also pay for the heating oil in installments using Svea Ekonomi financing.

Welcome to refuel and order heat for your home!

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